Nick (03:56)

Nick loves cars. Like really loves cars. Anything to do with cars.  He has Asperger’s Syndrome, and he was under Guardianship of the Minister. His transition from care wasn’t great… but he’s doing really well now.

For support and information about Autism, visit Autism SA.

Kayla (03:14)

Kayla is at University. And she loves it.   She was under Guardianship of the Minister as a teenager and dropped out of high school. But it turns out there are plenty of ways to get into Uni without an ATAR.

Brooke (04:23)

Brooke was under Guardianship of the Minister from birth, and her life was pretty rough for a while. But she’s learning how to handle her trauma, and she’s determined to break cycles and change the system.

Want to know more about trauma and the brain? Or early childhood trauma?How about HypervigilancePost-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Alex (03:09)

Alex has found it hard to maintain relationships with his family since being in care. But he keeps positive and is really looking forward to being independent.

Want to know more about sibling contact in care? Or about how to safely reconnect with family?

Bree (03:30)

Bree is a mum and a student. She’s Aboriginal, and she didn’t feel supported culturally while she was under Guardianship of the Minister. But Bree has reconnected with community now, and she’s bringing her kids up with pride.

Check out these Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander resources and services… they’re a good starting place if you’re feeling culturally disconnected.

Reality Check (11:45)

Ever wondered what it’s like for other young people in care?
How many times did they move house? Were they naughty to their carers? How did care affect their school life? Are they still close with their family?

This video asks a bunch of young care leavers some sticky questions around their experiences of being in care.