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The Straight Up podcast is a part of the GOM Central Project; a project designed and created by young people with care experiences, for young people who are leaving care or have left care 

 Straight Up is… straight up; real honest truththe information that care leavers felt they wish they knew when they were living in care or whilst transitioning out into the adult world. 

Straight Up features series of topics relevant to young people finding their place in the world after or while leaving care.  

 It consists of candid chats, insightful discussions, and holistic conversations which help listeners to understand trauma and healing, navigating life and where to get help. It’s a playful and insightful resource filled with advice, and awarenessdelving into the shared yet diverse experience of what is means to have a care background. 

 Straight Up is also in many ways a reclamation of power for young people who’ve lived in careIt’s a means for filling in the gaps, ridding social stigma, and feeling a part of a community and a movement. It’s about solidarity, shared experiences and collective voices. It’s about including young people, allowing them to be active agents in their own lives, and arming them against adulthood with information and inspiration. 

 To listen to Straight Up, head to  


GOM Central