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Parenting during these Unusual Beginnings

Be a good role model.

  • Model the traits you would appreciate seeing in your kids:
  • Respect, resilience, optimism, self-love, honesty, kindness, patience.
  • Exhibit unselfish behaviour.
  • Above all, treat your children the way you expect, and would like other people to treat you.


Notice kids being good.

  • Recognise when your child is being helpful, kind, making conscious decisions.
  • Be generous with affection.
  • Complimenting more than criticising.
  • Praise Creativity.
  • Allow kids to get messy and explore.


Set limits and be consistent with your discipline.

  • Help children choose acceptable behaviours and self-control. While being considerate of your child’s development and emotional needs.
  • Incorporate house rules that are structured yet fair.
  • The behaviours children display are a communication of how they are feeling. If your child is having outburst of sadness or anger take time to listen, and support them through what they are going through. Rather than putting them in time-out where their emotions will be ignored and suppressed.
  • Being consistent teaches children what you expect from them.


New routines. Make time for your kids.

  • While stuck at home, make communication a priority. Listen to how your children are feeling about the current pandemic situation. Create space for open conversation.
  • Make special times during each day to connect with your child: this could include getting up early to have breakfast and plan out your day with your child. Plus, their bed time – reading a story. Or film nights. It’s important to create time and space to bond and learn with your child. This can be in the home – reading, and cooking or outside in the garden planting some seasonal herbs and flowers.
  • Older children may need less time and attention, yet it is still important to find time to listen to them and appreciate their interests and talents.
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