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Straight Up is created with young people who have lived in care. It’s part of the GOM Central Project.

If you are leaving care soon, or have left recently, Post Care Support Services are here to help! They can support you with stuff like grant applications, FOI requests, referrals, life skills and mental health.


This episode we talk to Josh about residential care, sleeping rough and MPRs (missing person report).

If you’re currently in care but living on the street (aka. absconding from placement), we encourage you to speak to your social worker about other placement options. If you are over 18, you could be eligible for independent living options, such as Youth 180 and BaptistCare.

If there are problems with your placement that you don’t want to talk to your social worker about, then you can always speak to the Office of the Guardian. You know, the Oog people!
They are separate from the Department of Child Protection, and they’re job is looking after the rights of children and young people in care. If you tell them about an issue, they will do their best to help work it out with you. Here at GOM Central we love the Office of the Guardian.
Call them on 1800 275 664!

You can also get in touch with CREATE who work with loads of young people in care to change the system and look after the rights of kids in care.


Special thanks to Josh Kerr for sharing his story.

GOM Central is funded by the Department of Child Protection and delivered by Relationships Australia South Australia’s Post Care Support Services. Straight Up is hosted by Brooke Oliver and Eleanor Goodbourn.

This podcast was created on Kaurna and Peramangk Country. We wish to acknowledge the Kaurna and Peramangk peoples, and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians; their spiritual, physical, emotional, mental and economic connection to the Land and Seas. We acknowledge the original custodians of Australia and in doing so understand that their inherent Cultural and Spiritual beliefs continue to sustain the living People of each region.

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