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According to Australia’s National Exercise Guidelines, young adults need a minimum of 2-3 hours of exercise a week. Ideally, we should be doing double that but let’s start with hitting those minimums first!

It is advised by those in the medical fields that we move our bodies as much as possible each day. We need to do our best to try not to sit for too many hours of the day. This may seem a difficult task, especially when other experts have asked us to stay at home.

While we may have various restrictions on gyms, local parks, swimming pools, and tennis courts for some time, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get yourself moving. We can see this time as an opportunity to try something new within our daily routines.







Try starting with one of the following ideas, and then add more (or your own ideas) as you get into a routine:

  • Get out a skipping rope
  • Practise star jumps
  • Jump on a trampoline in your garden
  • Doing some yoga, this can be done in any room or outside in nature
  • Riding a bicycle around local area – don’t forget your helmet!
  • Following a routine of body-weight exercises – there are plenty of tutorials online and on YouTube

  • If you have any workout DVDs collecting dust, give one of those a try
  • Go out for a run, jog or brisk walk in your neighbourhood.
  • Go for a hike in your own solitude
  • Perform some stretches with an exercise ball, if you have one on hand
  • Shooting some hoops in your backyard or if a local court is open/free
  • Getting out the old hoola-hoop and get those hips moving

Even starting with some breathing exercises could be a good way to ease into more strenuous activity. Lay on your bed and follow some deep breathing techniques. Release the tension in your muscles one by one from your head to your toes. Allow the oxygen to fill your lungs and flow into your body. These types of mindfulness activities may help put you in a nice frame of mind; energizing you to complete your list of tasks for the day.

Looking after your home space can get the heart pumping too! Now is an excellent time for a deep spring autumn clean.
Channel your inner Marie Kondo or give the floors and windows a nice polish. Getting your hands dirty in the garden whilst growing some produce or pruning trees is also great for natural body movement.

Another thing that your body will love is going outside and getting a little sun. Even just 5 minutes a day, with appropriate UV protection, can help lift your mood and improve your health. Make food choices that nourish your body as much as possible – eating the rainbow in meals as much as you can. Take accountability for the actions you are choosing during this time of restrictions, and beyond, to keep your physical, emotional, and mental health thriving!

Sometimes it is just simple and small things, but accomplished daily (like moving our bodies), that help keep our thoughts less cloudy and improve our quality of life.



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