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Relationships are so important for our overall happiness and wellbeing.
Human contact is essential and so is connecting and communicating with someone about our feelings and daily thoughts.

We have all experienced the impact COVID-19 has had on our freedom to spend time with our loved ones, socially and intimately. The past few months have been a whirlwind of information over-drive. Key words have been circulating, ‘stay at home’, ‘social distance’, and ‘self-isolate’.

But what do these terms mean for young people? What do they mean for young people who live alone or away from their partners or lovers? Or for young people who may be dating or interested in continuing to explore the dating world?

The following post will discuss some of the South Australian Government’s recommendations during around COVID-19, and how these affect our personal lifestyles and the people we interact with.

Can I go on a date with a new love interest?
Currently, most restaurants, bars and cafés have packed away their seating and are doing take-away only orders. Movie theatres are closed, and the public are being encouraged to stay home as much as possible. However, where there is takeaway coffee, there are opportunities to get a piccolo and go for a walk with a new love interest. There’s no law against it in South Australia. In South Australia, we are still allowed out, in couples and groups as long as we practise social distancing (staying 1.5 metres apart) and stay in group of 10 people or less. Even so, it’s probably a better idea to devise a fun way to hang out not-in-person. The good old-fashioned phone call is a great one, but technology creates a whole world of possibilities. We reckon get your post-apocalyptic digital-native thinking cap on and make fun out of this somewhat-frustrating situation.

What about someone I am already seeing?
Again, dating couples are allowed to meet in public, if they stay 1.5m apart (what a strange date!). But we are in the ‘stay home’ camp, where possible. When home (and away from any noisy housemates) get on that video chat!

What about my long-term boyfriend or girlfriend?
In South Australia, as there aren’t any formal stay-home restrictions, and meeting with people (10 or less in a group with 1.5m distancing) is allowed, so there is nothing stopping you from seeing your partner regularly.

What if I am isolating?
This is a nightmarish idea for most of us. Remember we only need to isolate ourselves from each other and the rest of the world only when we have symptoms of a cold, if we have been exposed to COVID-19, in the case of testing positive for COVID-19, or if we have come from overseas or interstate. If we are sick, quarantining ourselves at home ensures that those we love and those we are yet to know all stay well.

Basically, this means no dating in person for now. It also means no seeing your partner in person unless you live with them. We recommend the use to tech to connect with people, apps like House Party are great for this. Or why not bring back the romanticism of writing love letters? If your partner is isolating, you can drop them yummy food, little presents, and flowers.

If we are mindful of our interactions with our lovers (and others), the easier it will be to flatten the curve and bid COVID-19 goodbye.

For now, dial that phone number, write a love letter, or get video chatting. Or give yourself some single self-love by filling your time with things that bring you happiness!

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